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“Abilene, Abilene, prettiest town that I ever seen….People there won’t treat you mean, in Abilene, my Abilene.”

Well part of this old song is correct–people there (for the most part) won’t treat you mean!  Abilene, TX is one of the friendliest towns you’ll ever see–ever.  There’s just something about this west Texas town that makes people smile & say howdy, or wave!  And if your broke down on the side of the rode, don’t be surprised if at least 2 (probably 3) cars will pull over & try to help you out.  Yes sir, that’s Abilene.  They say we have “a church on every corner,” but that’s not quite true….there sure are a bunch of them though…Baptist, Methodist, Church of Christ, Catholic, & even Episcopalian! plus a few more.  I do believe that’s what makes this town the way it is.  There are so many God-fearing, servant-hearted people in this town, and they’re in our schools teaching & administrating, they’re in businesses, in the banks, in the grocery store, the police force, etc.   We aren’t perfect, but I’d rather raise my kids in this town and send them to Abilene schools than anywhere else in the country–and that’s saying a lot!  Family-oriented with a small-town feel–that’s what we are–that’s why so many people end up retiring here.  The climate’s good, there’s low crime, low cost of living, culture, education, golf, and the homes aren’t outrageously priced!

 That’s most of the good stuff.   And there’s really not much bad, but the first part of the song is questionable…we probably aren’t the “prettiest town you’ve ever seen!”  We do have big trees in many places–Old Elmwood, River Oaks, Lytle Shores, and even Fairway Oaks trees are getting pretty big now!  There are several creeks running through town, a big lake, and a small one.  We even have mountain views to the south (well, small mountains, or some people might say “hills.”)

No, definitely not the prettiest place on earth–not a Colorado, or Kentucky or Tennessee.  But I guarantee you,  Abilene is a great place to live and a great place to raise a family.  We have our own type of beauty–wide-open spaces, clouds after a thunderstorm, west TX sunsets, and most of all, the heart of the people.       –Paula Jones


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Abilene, TX